We want to know why (W)ork = (M)ass + (E)nergy makes sense?

Hmm. We know mass (M) is a form of energy that interacts with its surrounding environment. And that environment is energy (E). Moreover, the mass interacting with its environment is called work (W).

Eureka! The equation, W = M + E makes sense!

But, Newtonian physics define work as Work = Force x Distance.

And there’s more to work. Right? Think the Hamiltonian…

Here’s some food for thought:

Professor Prigogine asserts that Newtonian physics has now been “extended” three times: first with the introduction of spacetime in general relativity, then with the use of the wave function in quantum mechanics, and finally with the recognition of indeterminism in the study of unstable systems (chaos theory).

Source Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilya_Prigogine#The_End_of_Certainty.

How does one derive E = hf from H = P.E. + K.E. and iħ∂Ψ∕∂t = HΨ?

How does one derive the Planck-Einstein relation (E= hf) from the total energy (H) equation and from the Schrödinger equation?

P.E. indicates potential energy, and K.E. indicates kinetic energy. And H indicates the Hamiltonian…

Hopefully, we can produce an affirmative answer to our question soon. And that question is a good start in our quest to advance the theory of energy.

Good luck! 🙂

Hints: Think massless or almost massless photons. Think Lagrangian which is defined as Kinetic Energy (K.E.) – Potential Energy (P.E.) And finally, think the theory of relativity.

Remark: Gravity (spacetime) is quantized! Amen! 🙂

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Why is an advanced theory of energy needed?

Energy is central to our existence. And nothing happens or exists in nature without energy. And the more we know about energy, the more we are able to produce efficiently the things that sustain life and allow us to flourish in the world.

Central Equation: Work = Mass + Energy (environmental energy).

Our universe is a working universe (nature) that is generally described by that equation. And mass could be an elementary particle, a person, a planet, a star, or a galaxy, or whatever. Mass may be stable or unstable. Moreover, mass has self-energy (internal energy) that may change over time and over space (via causes and conditions).

What matters is that mass interacts with its environment. And that interaction is work. All matter-energy interactions give raise to forces and cause change or cause resistance to change. Moreover, the environmental energy may be focused energy directed at a given mass (i.e. sun light absorbed or reflected by planet Earth)…

Our goal of advancing the theory of energy is to explore our central equation with our current knowledge of classical and quantum physics, theory of relativity, and mathematics, etc. And hopefully, we will develop better mathematical models of energy and solve critical problems in physics…

“Life is a gift, and if you don’t appreciate it, no one else will. Make it count. Amen!”

Go Blue! 🙂


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