Does the grandest universe fill the void?

Is there a place or time when all is okay? Or is all hope hopeless? There’s nothing that stands against the test of time. Change, change, change, the void makes it all a sham. Out of the void, we came to be, and into the void, we cease to be. Memories, dreams, accomplishments, civilizations, …,Continue reading “Does the grandest universe fill the void?”

A Brief Analysis of the Collatz Conjecture

Algorithm for the Collatz Conjecture. Remark: If n = 1, the algorithm terminates all computations. Crucial Idea: R+ is a dense set. Remark: R+ is the set of all positive real numbers. We claim over the Collatz sequence of positive odd integers, from to where the index, t, is the number of trials it takesContinue reading “A Brief Analysis of the Collatz Conjecture”