Tuesday (12/21/2021): We shall be fresh (energized, original, and grateful) throughout the day. Amen! 👍✌ Wednesday (12/22/2021): “When I grow up, I want to be happy.” — John Lennon. 👍✌ Let’s be grown-up (wise and thoughtful) and happy today. Amen! Thursday (12/23/2021): We should always have a reason to smile. But if we do notContinue reading “THE MEANING OF A DAY:”

Does the grandest universe fill the void?

Is there a place or time when all is okay? Or is all hope hopeless? There’s nothing that stands against the test of time? Change, change, change, the void makes it all a sham? Out of the void, we came to be, and into the void, we cease to be? Memories, dreams, accomplishments, civilizations, …,Continue reading “Does the grandest universe fill the void?”

A Brief Analysis of the Collatz Conjecture

Algorithm for the Collatz Conjecture. “In short the Collatz problem is simple enough that anyone can understand it, and yet relates not just to number theory (as described in other answers) but to issues of decidability, chaos, and the foundations of mathematics and of computation. That’s about as good as it gets for a problemContinue reading “A Brief Analysis of the Collatz Conjecture”