On Constructing An Universal Simulator (It’s Purely Theoretical.)

We begin with a multidimensional state (status) vector (tensor?) with n channels (the elements of the vector). Each channel (c) has a state of either 0 (on) or 1 (off). Channel 0 defines the existence of a theoretical entity called Oracle. If Oracle exists, then the status of Channel 0 is on (1). Channel 1Continue reading “On Constructing An Universal Simulator (It’s Purely Theoretical.)”

David Hilbert’s Tenth Problem and the Art and Science of Problem Solving

Our goal is to write and publish a manuscript about our solution to David Hilbert’s Tenth Problem. The work is ongoing and very challenging. And we hope to complete our work by January 06, 2023.

David Hilbert: The Architect of Modern Mathematics

“The conviction of the solvability of every mathematical problem is a powerful incentive to the worker. We hear within us the perpetual call: There is the problem. Seek its solution. You can find it by pure reason, for in mathematics there is no ignorabimus.” — David Hilbert.