On Constructing An Universal Simulator (It’s Purely Theoretical.)

We begin with a multidimensional state (status) vector (tensor?) with n channels (the elements of the vector). Each channel (c) has a state of either 0 (on) or 1 (off). Channel 0 defines the existence of a theoretical entity called Oracle. If Oracle exists, then the status of Channel 0 is on (1). Channel 1Continue reading “On Constructing An Universal Simulator (It’s Purely Theoretical.)”


Tuesday (12/21/2021): We shall be fresh (energized, original, and grateful) throughout the day. Amen! 👍✌ Wednesday (12/22/2021): “When I grow up, I want to be happy.” — John Lennon. 👍✌ Let’s be grown-up (wise and thoughtful) and happy today. Amen! Thursday (12/23/2021): We should always have a reason to smile. But if we do notContinue reading “THE MEANING OF A DAY:”

What are the Current Statuses of Hilbert’s Sixteenth Problem and the Important Question about the Lyapunov’s Second Method?

“We must know. We will know!” — David Hilbert. 👍✌