What are the Current Statuses of Hilbert’s Sixteenth Problem and the Important Question about the Lyapunov’s Second Method?

“We must know. We will know!” — David Hilbert. πŸ‘βœŒ

David Hilbert’s Tenth Problem and the Art and Science of Problem Solving

Our goal is to write and publish a manuscript about our solution to David Hilbert’s Tenth Problem. The work is ongoing and very challenging. And we hope to complete our work by January 06, 2023.

Does the grandest universe fill the void?

Is there a place or time when all is okay? Or is all hope hopeless? There’s nothing that stands against the test of time? Change, change, change, the void makes it all a sham? Out of the void, we came to be, and into the void, we cease to be? Memories, dreams, accomplishments, civilizations, …,Continue reading “Does the grandest universe fill the void?”

World Peace ~ S.N. Goenka β€” Astitva Meditation

“There cannot be peace in the world when people have anger and hatred in their hearts. Only with love and compassion in the heart is world peace attainable.” ― S. N. Goenka World Peace ~ S.N. Goenka β€” Astitva Meditation “A film about a messed up world and how to fix it. Sprinkled with music, thisContinue reading “World Peace ~ S.N. Goenka β€” Astitva Meditation”

Is the Euler–Mascheroni constant an algebraic number or a transcendental number?

“We must know. We will know!”

β€œThe conviction of the solvability of every mathematical problem is a powerful incentive to the worker. We hear within us the perpetual call: There is the problem. Seek its solution. You can find it by pure reason, for in mathematics there is no ignorabimus.” β€” David Hilbert.