Keep Lord GOD at top of mind. Amen!

Mindfulness of Lord GOD! Amen! 👍✌😂

It’s the best mindset (mindfulness of Lord GOD)! Amen! 👍✌😂

Mindfulness of Lord GOD directs us, challenges us, and delivers us from misery and darkness (delusion/ignorance). And at the end of our journey of life on Earth, we dwell in the eternal light (peace, love, understanding, etc.) of our dearest Lord GOD. Amen!

Published by Dave

"May all beings be happy and peaceful. Thank you, Lord GOD! Praise you, Lord GOD! Love you, Lord GOD! Trust you, Lord GOD! Bless you, Lord GOD! Amen!" 😂 P.S. Go Blue! 👍 ✌

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