Do you know evil (😈) when it touches you?

Satan rules the human world. May Lord Jesus Christ undo Satan’s work. Godspeed!

Never underestimate the power of Satan (the evil one). It dwells in both high places and low places and in between. It also thrives in some so-called holy places (some (not all) churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, etc.)

Satan is a great conqueror or divider of people. It exploits divisions/differences or discords/conflicts and hates unity/harmony/peace.

The evil one dwells and thrives in the hearts and minds of humans.

Very few are immune from the power or the influence of the evil one. It deceives/twists or corrupts or undermines the truth (the word of Lord GOD) to attack the believers of Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Lord GOD or others who believe in Lord GOD.

Beware that the evil one will preach sin is okay. Hell (weapons of mass destruction, wars, dystopia, famine, disease, poverty, greed, crime, etc.) on Earth is acceptable, and that change is not necessary…

We pray in the name of Jesus that all are protected from the influence or power of the evil one (😈). Amen!

Published by Dave

"May all beings be happy and peaceful. Thank you, Lord GOD! Praise you, Lord GOD! Love you, Lord GOD! Trust you, Lord GOD! Bless you, Lord GOD! Amen!" 😂 P.S. Go Blue! 👍 ✌

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