(A Song) “If I Ruled the World” (All will be happy. 😊)

For the sake of peace, we (not us and not ours) let go skillfully. We convert defilements (greed, ill will, and delusion) into enlightened states (compassion, love, and wisdom).

And for the sake of peace, what are we doing right here and right now? Are our actions cultivating peace?

Moreover, we are conditional (temporal) and codependent beings. And that all are one. And one is all. Amen!

Published by Dave

"May all beings be happy and peaceful. Thank you, Lord GOD! Praise you, Lord GOD! Love you, Lord GOD! Trust you, Lord GOD! Bless you, Lord GOD! Amen!" 😂 P.S. Go Blue! 👍 ✌

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