On Constructing An Universal Simulator (It’s Purely Theoretical.)

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. ” — Albert Einstein.😊

We begin with a multidimensional state (status) vector (tensor?) with n channels (the elements of the vector). Each channel (c) has a state of either 0 (on) or 1 (off).

Channel 0 defines the existence of a theoretical entity called Oracle. If Oracle exists, then the status of Channel 0 is on (1).

Channel 1 defines the functions of Oracle. If Oracle is operable, then the status of Channel 1 is on (1). Otherwise, it is off (0) which may indicate sleep mode or malfunction.

Channel 2 defines the sleep mode of Oracle. If Oracle is awake, then the status of Channel 2 is on (0). Otherwise, it is sleeping (1).

Channel 3 defines the malfunction mode of Oracle. If Oracle is operable, then the status of Channel 3 is on (0). Otherwise, it has a malfunction (1).

“Life (flow of energy or information) is a world (network) of complexity.”

Remark: We assume Oracle (if it exists) is part of an undefined (initially) environment (everything) called E. And there are constant interactions between Oracle and E. Rules will govern the interactions after E is well defined. And channels may contain subchannels. Moreover, Oracle will evolve as E evolves.

And of course, we must establish a multidimensional rule vector to keep track of all rules…

Thus far, each channel is a black box of possibilities…

Relevant Reference Links:

Play John Conway’s Game of Life

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“You know, people think mathematics is complicated. Mathematics is the simple bit. Its the stuff we can understand. Its cats that are complicated. I mean, what is it in those little molecules and stuff that make one cat behave differently than another, or that make a cat? And how do you define a cat? I have no idea.” ― John H. Conway.

Could the “DNA” of a cat’s life (simulation) be binary mathematics involving the numbers, zero and one? Who knows?

The math must be quite complex/complicated to simulate a cat’s life.

Key Ideas or Research: the flow of data/information or the flow of energy/mass, networks, eigenvectors, eigenvalues, eigenfunctions, etc. And systems that can think, learn, feel, and trust.


  1. W = M {\displaystyle \oplus } EE.

2. (dW)^{2} =M \otimes EE.

3. 0 < || d ||^2 < 0.25(?)

“Intelligence begets intelligence.” 👍✌

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