Live by Faith

Do we really have a choice?

Our greatest personal mystery is our birth.

What a wonder!

At first, we were one with everything.

And then, over time and with social/cultural programming we became different, distinct, or unique.

We adopted a false personality of self separate from reality of the true one or everything.

But despite this, we never lost faith…

We have faith the Sun will rise again.

We have faith Mother Earth will support us.

And that our faithful Moon and the many stars will continue to watch over us.

Yes, we are rich in faith.

And we are blessed beyond measure.

Our faith is the confidence we belong to this world.

And yes, we gloriously live by faith. Amen!


Published by Dave

I am currently a science researcher at ( My interests include number theory, mathematical analysis, and energy theory (physics)... And we (Cole, Montgomery, Lagarias, Odlyzko, Hardy, Riemann, Gauss, and other mathematicians) proved the Riemann Hypothesis! 🙂

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