A Prime Search

(Distribution of Primes): π( e = m*g = 1 + p_{2n}) = 2 * π( g = 1 + p_{n}) = 2n for 2 < m ≤ 3 and as g → ∞,  m → 2. (Remark: p_{n} \ge 3).

As random as our walk may be along the natural number line to infinity,
We will find a prime (golden nugget) in time…

So don’t fret over the fewer golden nuggets ahead when so many are left behind.

Nature has provided what is needed.

Don’t you see?

Symmetry is the key.

Euclid, Bertrand, Riemann, Hilbert, Noether, and other greats will second this.

And though the pickings may be sparse along the very rocky road ahead,
It is nonetheless worthwhile when the opportunity of uncommon even rears its head.

More golden nuggets are near?

Don’t you see?

Goldbach and Euler tell us to be faithful but prudent.

Trust is not enough.

So calculate and gather wealth.

And be thankful for all the good there is…

Thank Lord GOD! Praise Lord GOD! Amen!



Published by Dave

I am currently a science researcher at researchgate.net (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/David_Cole29). My interests include number theory, mathematical analysis, and energy theory (physics)... And we (Cole, Montgomery, Lagarias, Odlyzko, Hardy, Riemann, Gauss, and other mathematicians) proved the Riemann Hypothesis! 🙂

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