(Fri, 06/19/2015 – 18:29 — poet, destiny.diaz.7393.)

Screams erupting from silent souls, 
to be unheard in the midst of the world’s cries,

Skins blanket small children yet their bones are still shown,

Small footprints scatter down dirt paths for they have nothing to cover their feet,

The teeth of sleeping teenagers have chattered in the harsh winds of silent streets,

no warmth to fill their beings, left to be an empty shell of what they used to be,

Adolescents resort to many coping methods for living in this corrupt society,

Cutting, smoking or much worse, 
Who could ever bestow such a curse?

The numbers are increasing in divorce and unemployment rates,

Discrimination is everywhere, amongst gender, race, religion and sexuality,

Beliefs that are transmitted from adults to innocent children,

Hatred that gradually stems and can only grow when watered.

Wars are erupting across the small planet we call home,

A place where humans abuse their dwelling,

by introducing man-made chemicals to local water systems,

Where barriers are built,

The damnation of canyons,

Destroying and deteriorating the natural beauty of our ecosystems,

Where the once carefree animals now think of our species as formidable,

and as a symbol of anything but humane,

The epitome of chaos,

How can one find peace?

When there is famine and poverty and pollution and despondency?”

by Poet, DESTINY.DIAZ.7393,

Source Link:

Waorani leader Nemonte Nenquimo shows evidence of crude oil contamination in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

“This is my message to the western world – your civilisation is killing life on Earth…”

Pat Metheny Group – “Are You Going With Me?

The US is Set on a Path to War with China. What Is to be Done?

Human Rights Watch;

Why People Hate: The Science Behind Why We Love to Hate;

A World Divided” is a poem by Linda Nelson:

One Earth – One Human World, United!

Advocate for Social Justice.

“A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.” — Dr. Peter Marshall.

From O Being,

Poetry rises up in human societies when official words fail us and we lose sight of how to find our way back to one another. It has moved to the heart of what we offer on the radio and in podcasts, in digital spaces, and in gatherings.

Source Link:;

A film about a messed up world and how to fix it. Sprinkled with music, this documentary lyrically weaves a tapestry through 20 countries and is as magical as it is informative“.

“May all beings be happy and peaceful.”

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I am currently a science researcher at ( My interests include number theory, mathematical analysis, and energy theory (physics)... And we (Cole, Montgomery, Lagarias, Odlyzko, Hardy, Riemann, Gauss, and other mathematicians) proved the Riemann Hypothesis! 🙂

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