Where is peace found?

Home is where the heart is.

And where there’s a good heart, there’s a good home.

So peace begins and ends with you.

The world is a creation of your mind.

Never feel despair or feel helpless to change it.

It’s the change in you that matters most.

When you change, the world changes.

All the acts of the world are yours alone.

Yes, you can forgive yourself.

Yes, you can be at peace despite yourself.

And wherever you go, there you are.

You own it.

Peace eternal. Amen!

Published by Dave

I am currently a science researcher at researchgate.net (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/David_Cole29). My interests include number theory, mathematical analysis, and energy theory (physics)... And we (Cole, Montgomery, Lagarias, Odlyzko, Hardy, Riemann, Gauss, and other mathematicians) proved the Riemann Hypothesis! 🙂

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