Why is an advanced theory of energy needed?

Energy is central to our existence. And nothing happens or exists in nature without energy. And the more we know about energy, the more we are able to produce efficiently the things that sustain life and allow us to flourish in the world.

Central Equation: Work = Mass + Energy (environmental energy).

Our universe is a working universe (nature) that is generally described by that equation. And mass could be an elementary particle, a person, a planet, a star, or a galaxy, or whatever. Mass may be stable or unstable. What matters is that mass interacts with its environment. And that interaction is work. All matter-energy interactions give raise to forces and cause change or resistance to change. Moreover, the environmental energy may be focused energy directed at a given mass (i.e. sunlight absorbed or reflected by planet Earth)…

Our goal of advancing the theory of energy is to explore our central equation with our current knowledge of classical and quantum physics, theory of relativity, and mathematics, etc. And hopefully, we will develop better mathematical models of energy and solve critical problems in physics…

“Life is a gift, and if you don’t appreciate it, no one else will. Make it count. Amen!”

Go Blue! πŸ™‚

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A Prime Search

(Distribution of Primes): Ο€( e = m*g = 1 + p_{2n}) = 2 * Ο€( g = 1 + p_{n}) = 2n for 2 < m ≀ 3 and as g β†’βˆž,  mβ†’2. (Remark: p_{n} \ge 3).

As random as our walk may be along the natural number line to infinity,
We will find a prime (golden nugget) in time…

So don’t fret over the fewer golden nuggets ahead when so many are left behind.

Nature has provided what is needed.

Don’t you see?

Symmetry is the key.

Euclid, Bertrand, Riemann, Hilbert, Noether, and other greats will second this.

And though the pickings may be sparse along the very rocky road ahead,
It is nonetheless worthwhile when the opportunity of uncommon even rears its head.

More golden nuggets are near?

Don’t you see?

Goldbach and Euler tell us to be faithful but prudent.

Trust is not enough.

So calculate and gather wealth.

And be thankful for all the good there is…

Thank Lord GOD! Praise Lord GOD! Amen!





(Fri, 06/19/2015 – 18:29 — poet, destiny.diaz.7393.)

Screams erupting from silent souls, 
to be unheard in the midst of the world’s cries,

Skins blanket small children yet their bones are still shown,

Small footprints scatter down dirt paths for they have nothing to cover their feet,

The teeth of sleeping teenagers have chattered in the harsh winds of silent streets,

no warmth to fill their beings, left to be an empty shell of what they used to be,

Adolescents resort to many coping methods for living in this corrupt society,

Cutting, smoking or much worse, 
Who could ever bestow such a curse?

The numbers are increasing in divorce and unemployment rates,

Discrimination is everywhere, amongst gender, race, religion and sexuality,

Beliefs that are transmitted from adults to innocent children,

Hatred that gradually stems and can only grow when watered.

Wars are erupting across the small planet we call home,

A place where humans abuse their dwelling,

by introducing man-made chemicals to local water systems,

Where barriers are built,

The damnation of canyons,

Destroying and deteriorating the natural beauty of our ecosystems,

Where the once carefree animals now think of our species as formidable,

and as a symbol of anything but humane,

The epitome of chaos,

How can one find peace?

When there is famine and poverty and pollution and despondency?”

by Poet, DESTINY.DIAZ.7393,

Source Link: https://powerpoetry.org/poems/world-crisis.

Advocate for Social Justice.

“A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.” β€” Dr. Peter Marshall.

From O Being,

Poetry rises up in human societies when official words fail us and we lose sight of how to find our way back to one another. It has moved to the heart of what we offer on the radio and in podcasts, in digital spaces, and in gatherings.

Source Link: https://onbeing.org/poetry-and-writing/.

“May all beings be happy and peaceful.”

What is this thing called energy?

That moves us and defines us.

And we can never get enough of energy.

The ability to do work is a gross understatement of it.

More than anything else, we are alive with energy.

It is us.

We use energy to make life, art, and civilization.

But what is it?

Much more than magic, energy is an ultimate truth.

That we cannot fathom.


“Scientists develop forecasting technique that could help advance quest for fusion energy.”

“Bringing the power of the sun to Earth requires sound theory, good engineering, and a little finesse. The process entails trapping charged, ultra-hot gas known as plasma so its particles can fuse and release enormous amounts of energy…”

Source Link: https://phys.org/news/2020-09-scientists-technique-advance-quest-fusion.html.

“Can gold be created from other elements?”

“Yes, gold can be created from other elements. But the process requires nuclear reactions, and is so expensive (currently) that you currently cannot make money by selling the gold that you create from other elements…”

Source Link: https://wtamu.edu/~cbaird/sq/2014/05/02/can-gold-be-created-from-other-elements/.

“Unlikely research area reveals surprising twist in non-smooth optimization.”

“Modern machine learning is characterized by two key features: high-dimensional models and very large datasets. Each of these features presents its own unique challenges, from basic issues such as storing and accessing all of the data to more intricate mathematical quests such as finding good algorithms to search through the high-dimensional space of models.”

Source Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/blog/unlikely-research-area-reveals-surprising-twist-in-non-smooth-optimization/.

Relevant Reference Links:

An introduction to nonsmooth convex optimization: numerical algorithms“, https://www.mat.univie.ac.at/~herman/skripten/NCO_OSGA.pdf.

Professor Boris Mordukhovich’s Important Publications, https://borismordukhovich.com/publications/.

“Between relativistic and classical wave regimes, newly discovered memory effect alters the Doppler wave signature.”

“Wave scattering appears practically everywhere in everyday lifeβ€”from conversations across rooms, to ocean waves breaking on a shore, from colorful sunsets, to radar waves reflecting from aircraft. Scattering phenomena also appear in realms as diverse as quantum mechanics and gravitation. According to Pavel Ginzburg, professor at Tel Aviv University’s School of Electrical Engineering, these phenomena become especially interesting when the waves in question encounter a moving object…”

Source Link: https://phys.org/news/2020-09-relativistic-classical-regimes-newly-memory.html.

The Two Most Important Words

We say to ourselves or to others.

Love me.

Love you.

Forgive me.

Thank God!

Help me.

Take care.

Bless you.

I forgive.

Thank you!

Bless me.

Give thanks.

Love everyone.

Stand up.

Stay cool.

Say yes.

I accept.

Watch out.

Smile more.

Be grateful.

Listen carefully.

Wake up.

Be happy.

Meditate more.

Give back.

I know.

Good morning.

Be careful.

Be kind.

Stay well.

Call me.

Pay attention.

Miss you.

Cheer up.

Lucky me.

Write me.

Lucky you.

Wonderful day!

We care.

I care.

Praise God!

Stay positive.

Let go.

Pray daily.

Good luck!

Well done!


A Few Words On Expectations

Don’t expect much (good) in this life.

And you won’t be disappointed.

Because great satisfaction and great disappointment are two sides of the same coin.

And you are bound to meet the latter much much more often than the former since the coin of life is generally not fair for most people.

But if you don’t play the game of life well, then how do you expect to win much (good)?

Just beware life is a big gamble, and it’s short-lived.


“To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle.” — Walt Whitman.